Hinterveld now brings you the internationally loved BabyMo range of fashion accessories, presented as a ‘capsule’ within the Hinterveld accessories offering. Delicate textures are beautifully fashioned and skilfully knitted from one of nature’s most luxurious fibres, kid mohair. The BabyMo range holds an unparalleled softness and remarkable colour clarity, whilst the personal touch of hand finishing differentiates BabyMo as a sophisticated product of true South African craftsmanship.

The Hinterveld story is one shared by many… a story of constant pursuit for perfection. From the remote parts of the Karoo, a land known for its dramatic landscape and harsh climate, comes the fleece of the Angora Goat – shorn by generations of farmers then continuing on its age-old journey of refinement at the Hinterveld Mill where this raw fibre is transformed into one of the world’s most sought after fashion accessories collections.
The Hinterveld mill in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa, is devoted to the production of the finest quality Mohair and other natural fibre products, paying homage to this age-old process. Remaining true to this artisanal craftsmanship, Hinterveld forms part of a 150 year old family owned business, merging generations of Mohair history and industry knowledge.

Set apart by its unique resilience, colour retention, lustre, lightweight and durable qualities, Mohair is a sustainable and rare natural fibre. Allow yourself to experience the unique character and enduring appeal of Mohair in a way that is unique to you.