Refinement comes from nature’s finest Mohair fibre in stunning colour.

Nothing ties together a look of classic elegance like a scarf chosen to match your mood. Merging classic patterns with bursts of colour, these woven scarves are skilfully hand knotted for a beautiful finish. You will feel as good as they look!

61 % Mohair, 25 % Wool, 14 % Nylon
25 x 180 cm, 10 x 71 in
Product  weight  +/- 75g

Hinterveld-Super Fine-Bougainvillea
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Bush Safari
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Cloudy Day
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Cotton Candy
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Fall Leaves
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Forest Canopy
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Insignia
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Japanese Garden
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Long Goodbye
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Pewter
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Purple Rain
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Raspberry Dazzle
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Seascape
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Sidewalk Flower
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Slate
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Spectrum
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Starlight
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Tandori
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Turtle Dove
Hinterveld-Super Fine-Whisper