Private Label

Hand Knitting Yarns

Dyed Hanks & Balls

Hinterveld’s Hand Knitting Yarn is a Private Label supply service. We offer custom compositions and effects, spun to the specifications of our customers’ preference (terms and conditions apply). Or choose from our library of previous ‘standard developments’. We focus on natural fibres, with Mohair our speciality.



Minimums on Standard Yarn Qualities: 100Kg’s total order, and a minimum of 20Kg’s per colour
Minimums on Custom Yarn Qualities: 500Kg’s total order *special developments 

Turnaround production time for Standard Yarn Qualities: between 4 and 8 weeks (estimated).
Turnaround production time for Custom Yarn Qualities: (any new development needing trials) between 8 and 12 weeks (estimated).

How it works?

  1. Customer contacts Hinterveld by e-mail.
  2. Customer to advise if they require Standard Yarn Qualities, or Custom (special development)
  3. Customer also to advise what Yarn Colours, and  lab dips can be sent for approval.
  4. Customer to advise any label and packaging requirements. Hinterveld to send CAD proposal until customer is happy.
  5. Before start production, official PO to be submitted by customer.
  6. Hinterveld to reply with an OC containing pricing, payment terms, and delivery program, to be accepted by customer.
  7. Hinterveld to update customer on production progress, deliveries as per above turnaround estimates (mentioned above).

Contact [email protected] for enquiries.

*Please note: For standard qualities, we do not always have every yarn quality in stock, and sometimes a production delay should be expected.